The Story about Kennel Orinell

Ori= Orion & Nell= Farinelli

It all started in 1989 when we (my family) got our first Chow Chow. Before that we had only had Standard Puddles for pet, never been on a dog show. We all wanted a new breed and choose a Chow Chow. My mum once saw one in a park, and it was walking around just like a king.

We got introduced to Kennel Kastager, where we bought our very first Chow Chow- a black male called Kastager Orion. We had never thought that this should be the start of something big. A year and a half later, we got our second chow – a red male called Kastager Farinelli. Orion never really liked to be shown, so a few years later he retired from the show ring. Farinelli was just the opposite and loved every minute in the ring. He managed to become Danish Champion.

In 1994 we got our first bitch – a black bitch called Grønbæks Quelle Miss Indiana. The sweetest girl you could ever imagine.

I had for a few years been grooming dogs at Kennel Blaatand, and had decided that I would like a puppy from her red boy; Usada Crackshot. In 1997 I had my first own chow, which still lived at my parent’s place, a red male called Blaatands Loui Liyang. Unfortunately Quelle and Loui ran out from our garden a got hit by a car, when Quelle was only 4 years and Loui only 6 months old. That was a big tragedy to us.

A few months later Kennel Pasjos gave us the most precious gift ever, a red bitch called Pasjos Orris Red Zakeea. She was the beginning of Kennel Orinell. She had a great show carrier, and managed to become bitch of year in 2002.  

We kept a black bitch from her first litter (A-litter) Orinell's Amy the Black Princess (Amy). From Amy we kept Orinell's Cover Girl (Cover), Orinell's Cute Carmen (Carmen) and Orinell's Ego Trip (Jubii). All three of them were from our very successful litter with Pie Fang Norwegian Cream.

In 2008 we had our first Import – a cream bitch called Pei Fang Eyecatcher (Nynne).

And then the American Cocker Spaniel:

I had wanted an American Cocker Spaniel for a long time, and got in contact with Kennel Galaksi. I bought my first Amris in 2001, a red/white male, Galaksi Try To Remember. He was my very first dog, living with me only. And I guess he got as spoiled as much as a single dog can be. Sometimes I still think that he is wondering when him and I can move to a desert Island just like in “good old days” – sorry Julius.

Julius has had a great show carrier, and is now a very stylish Veteran.

In 2004 we got our second Amris, Galaksi Drop Dead Beautiful (Sisse), a black/white bitch. From the very first time in the show ring, she just said to me: “this is boring mum…. Please let my go hunting.” My husband Michael thinks that she is the most clever creature on earth. And so it has been ever since – Sisse is staying home, enjoying ever single day of her life.

Today at Kennel Orinell, my mum and dad (Solvej and Poul Erik) have Amy and Cover living at their place. At our place, my husband Michael, I and our two daughters Emma and Julie live together with Carmen, Jubii, Nynne, Julius and Sisse.

Michael refuses to go to the dog shows, but he is taking a very big part of the daily work with the dogs and puppies, when I am not around.

As for the girls, Emma is a really dog-girl, who loves to join her mother at the dogshows. Julie is not really showing any interests for the dogs, but she is only 3 years – so her mum is still hoping.